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About Us

Soroa Orchids exemplifies actual living, breathing, reflections of art in nature. We are proven industry leaders, embracing both the science of  horticulture in tandem with the beauty of floral design. This allows us   to provide you with an elegant, unique and economical alternative to the rest of the competition. It is easy to see why we  continuously win awards across the country and around the world with the new designs and varieties we create.

Set amongst 5 acres of tropical gardens and greenhouses, Soroa Orchids is  a destination for plant collectors and orchid lovers that visit our nursery. For over 30 years, our hybrids continue to win numerous awards from the American Orchid Society. In addition, our exhibits from around the globe have been awarded bronze, silver and gold medals for excellence. Our orchids and designs have been featured in Vogue Magazine, The Miami Herald, The New York Times, The Martha Stewart Show and numerous other national and international publications. It is no surprise why we are known as " An Exquisite Encounter with Nature!"

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